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ChessComs ensures to maintain a creative and quality control over all the projects individually. Our staff comprises of skilled and experienced young-brains oozing with fresh ideas in the fields of advertising, journalism, social media, marketing and public relations. Our joint efforts will deliver a branding and image enhancement campaign with a daily high level of creativity and client service. Our goal is to act as our clients partners to support them wherever and whenever they need us with great vision of ideas.

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What should you be looking forward to?

You should be looking forward to our local events analysis in addition to the latest trends in the board of PR.

Public Relations

PR is not about media relations and publishing press releases

our firm focuses more on creating healthy communications always lead to a better understanding which results to a better workplace and productivity.

Latest Event

  • Online PR

    The internet has become a part of our thinking and an essential part of our daily lives. Your web presence is important, for that our partners at will be more than happy to assist.

  • Advertising

    Our advertising affiliates are always available to meet your objectives. Your message has to be heard during its peak and low season, with that we are here to help you.

  • Media Relations

    Keeping your relationship with multiple media channels is an essential task to keep up with. That is why ChessComs exists to support ourstanding clients.